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Stolen Items Contact Form

If you feel your order has been stolen during the delivery process, please fill out the below form. Once all required information has been passed on to our team, we can then investigate.

Please note: all investigations into stolen goods can take up to 5 working days and we are not able to send out replacements during this time.

To attain a crime reference number, please call 101. Without this, we cannot verify the claim with your local police force.

If we feel that the claim has been made fraudulently, we may block your account for future purchases.

Why are we asking for this information?

In order to make sure that all claims are dealt with properly, we need to make sure we have all information. The crime reference number, police force and date of birth allows us to validate the claim with the other information given. If during that process we feel that the claim has been made fraudulently, we may ban the account for future purchases.

When deliveries are made our courier takes photos in order to prove to us that a delivery has been done. We will use photos in our investigation and will be taken into account when making our final decision.

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