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Zennox Echo Dot Speaker
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Zennox Echo Dot Speaker


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  • Compatible with multiple devices; Simply connect any device that’s Bluetooth enabled and listen to your favourite music, audiobook or watch a movie
  • Boost your sound; Release the true sound potential from your Echo Dot or phone with this speaker’s stunning sound, whether turned up to maximum or just as background music, with its 360-degree rich and balanced sound, you are sure to be impressed
  • Cordless freedom; Once charged the speaker will provide up to 6 hours of battery life meaning you can take it from room to room
  • Stylish design; The stunning black design will suit any household or office
  • Guarantee; 12-month guarantee

Zennox Echo Dot Speaker
Unleash the sound potential of your Echo Dot or mobile device with this brilliant speaker from Zennox. So easy to use, simply insert your Dot and connect with the internal cable, switch on and enjoy the incredible sound.

Not only is it great for use with your Echo Dot, it can also be connected via Bluetooth to any compatible device such as an iPhone. Although this speaker is compact in size, it does not compromise on power, featuring an impressive 15W speaker, it’s sure to impress.

It’s so easy to use, simply connect any device that’s Bluetooth enabled and listen to your favourite music, watch a movie or set it to read your favourite audiobook. With its 360-degree rich and balanced sound, it will make even quiet background music sound more impressive.

This clever speaker also enables you to have wireless sound once fully charged, thanks to its 5200mah lithium-ion rechargeable battery, it will give you up to six hours of wireless use, meaning that you can take it around the house from room to room or simply use it without the hassle of wires.

Dimensions: D15 x H13cm
Weight: 1kg
USB cable length: 94.5cm
5200mah lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Suitable for Echo Dot up to 2nd generation
Echo Dot not included

G3463 - Zennox Echo Dot Speaker


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