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Air Freshener Plug-in Diffuser - Jasmine
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Air Freshener Plug-in Diffuser - Jasmine


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Close Designed to fill your home with a beautiful, modern fragrance, these plug in diffusers gradually release their scent to keep your home smelling heavenly all day long.

The diffusers are perfect for use all over your home, including the hallway, living room, kitchen and landing. Choose from five levels of intensity, controlled by a simple dial, to suit each room.

To use, simply remove the protective cap from the fragrance bottle and insert into the base of the diffuser, plug into the power socket and switch on. Once the bottles runs out you can remove the diffuser from the socket and replace the bottle.

Supplied in a twin pack, with four 34ml fragrance bottles included in each set. Measures H90mm x W50mm x D60mm.

D7260 Plug in Diffuser (Jasmine)

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