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Zennox Tower Fan with Remote Control
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Zennox Tower Fan with Remote Control



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  • Effective; Provides cool air with a wide coverage area of 45 degrees
  • Features; 3 fan speeds: low, medium and high; 3 modes: continuous, natural or night mode, a timer function of 1-12 hours and an oscillation function
  • Remote-control; Control all the settings on the fan with the handy remote control included, the fan also features an LED touch screen with temperature display
  • Dimensions; L34 x H120cm, weight; 3.84kg
  • Guarantee; 12-month guarantee

Zennox Tower Fan with Remote Control
Stay comfortable and cool all year round with the oscillating tower fan from Zennox, complete with handy remote control. This powerful fan has multiple settings to choose from to really suit your needs that you can change at just the quick push of a button. Its LED touch screen also makes it easy to use.

You can tailor this fan to suit your cooling needs using the touch display or the remote control, firstly with the speed settings, have it on either low, medium or high depending on your preferences. There is also a choice of three different modes:

  • Continuous – it will emit a steady continuous stream of cool air
  • Natural – it will emit a stream of air in light bursts which replicates a natural breeze
  • Night – it will emit air in bursts to replicate a natural evening breeze, perfect for using at night as it’s quieter

You can then also set it on a timer, from one up to 12 hours; after the time has elapsed the fan will automatically turn off. You also have the option to have the fan oscillating or not, so you can have the air constantly aimed in one direction or you can have the fan rotating from side to side to produce cool air over a wide area of 45 degrees. This stylish fan also has a handy LED touch display which also shows the temperature of the room on it.

This fan is perfect for using in the home and won’t keep you awake on hot summer evenings.

Please note: On night mode the air is emitted in bursts; it will start on the highest speed, after 30 minutes will change to medium speed and after one hour will drop to its lowest speed.

Dimensions: L34 x H120cm
Weight: 3.84kg
Power cord length: 149.2cm
220-240V AC 50Hz 50W

G4072 – Black


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