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Work Expert Handheld Inspection Camera
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Work Expert Handheld Inspection Camera


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  • Handheld inspection camera; Lightweight, compact, handheld camera; perfect for giving you a live image inside car engines, drainpipes and many more, all shown on a LCD display
  • Video function; Comes with a video cable so that you can connect to a device and record your findings
  • Flexible tube; Waterproof tube that bends and twists to help you get to the spot you want to view; it measures 91cm to give you plenty of length to get to hard-to-reach places
  • Adjustable; On the camera you can change the contrast and brightness by 8 levels, you can also rotate the camera to see the image from different angles; it also features an LED light to help you see what you’re looking for
  • Included accessories; This clever camera comes with 4 attachments for the end of the tube; a mirror, a single hook, a double hook and a magnet, great for retrieving something that you’ve dropped into a confined space, it even comes with a handy carry case

Work Expert Handheld Inspection Camera
Helping you see what the naked eye cannot, this handheld inspection camera from Work Expert is a handy tool, allowing you to see inside your car engine, or look for a blockage or lost ring down a drain, as well as many more uses.

It comes with four attachments, including a mirror to help you see around corners, a single hook perfect for hooking something like keys or rings, a double hook for picking up heavier items like rope or wire, and a magnet for collecting anything magnetic such as keys or screws from hard-to-reach places. This brilliant handheld inspection camera really will help with numerous problems.

Easy to Use
Simply press the on/off button for three seconds and the indicator light will come on and the LCD display will show a picture, then bend the flexible tube and manoeuvre into the area you wish to view. You can adjust the contrast and brightness, as well as rotate the camera so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for. It also features an LED light to help you on your search.

The camera comes with a video cable so that you can record what you’re viewing, it also comes with a handy carry case to keep it protected when not in use. The waterproof tube is flexible and strong, with 91cm of length to get to those hard-to-reach places.

Dimensions: L9.5 x W26 x H5cm
Weight: 0.43kg
Video cable length: 90cm
Flexible tube with lens length: 91cm
4x AA batteries required (included)
Horizontal viewing angle: 48°
Effective pixels: 640 x 480
Not for internal use

G3507 - Work Expert Handheld Inspection Camera
G2230 - 4 x Zennox AA Batteries


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