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Work Expert Patio Cleaner Brush and Turbo Nozzle
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Work Expert Patio Cleaner Brush and Turbo Nozzle


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  • Patio Cleaner Brush for patios and driveways
  • Turbo Nozzle for the harder to reach crevices
  • The perfect accessories for those extra cleaning needs
  • Attachments are only compatible with Work Expert 1600w Pressure Washer
  • Patio Cleaner Brush
    The perfect tool to get your patios and driveways gleaming. Simply attach the patio cleaner brush attachment to your pressure washer and watch as it effortlessly cleans.

    Inside the head are two water nozzles that feed from the main pressure washer, these spin around so you can wash more surface area in less time, the tool also has bristles all the way around the head so you can scrub any tougher bits of dirt.

    Turbo Nozzle
    Also included is the turbo nozzle attachment, like the patio cleaner brush just attach this to your pressure washer and use it to clean any small crevices and harder to reach areas such as in between paving stones or wheel alloys.

    Also available to purchase is the 1600w Pressure Washer from Work Expert


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