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Snore Wizard Anti-Snoring Device
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Snore Wizard Anti-Snoring Device


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Close Prevent anti-social snoring and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep with the Snore Wizard - a rapid, affordable and non-medicated solution to a common problem. The Snore Wizard works by moving the lower jaw forward slightly, helping to open the airway at the back of the throat to reduce and in most cases stopping the vibrations that cause snoring. Unlike hard plastic alternatives that have to be heated and moulded to your teeth shape, the Snore Wizard is one size fits all and has been made in a semi-soft plastic that will fit itself to the shape of most people's jaws.

  • Made in special soft-feel plastic
  • Moves lower jaw slightly forward, opening up the airway at the back of the throat
  • Allows natural breathing through mouth
  • Ready to use and no fitting needed
  • UK designed and made
Do not use if you:
  • Suffer from severe asthma or epilepsy.
  • Suffer from pain in the jaw.
  • Have dentures and remove them at night.
  • Suffer from sleep apnoea - obstructive sleep apnoea is a medical condition that interrupts breathing - if in doubt, check with your doctor.
  • Have teeth problems that would cause the Snore Wizard not to fit.

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