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Aerobike Accessories - Mudguard Pack
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Aerobike Accessories - Mudguard Pack

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USB rechargeable bike light set

Designed for maximum ease, and to keep you safe while you’re having fun. Instead of the traditional fiddly fittings, the AeroLight features a lasso fitting that snaps around the frame or the handles of your bike.

Instead of having to replace batteries frequently, the built-in lithium polymer battery will keep your light nice and bright for over 6 hours. When the battery goes, just plug in the USB cable to a computer or compatible plug, and in around 2 hours, you’re ready to go again.

  • Provided as a 2 pack (one front white light, one rear red light)
  • Works in all weather
  • USB cable included
  • Lithium polymer battery: 3.7V 500mAh
  • 31g
Light mode Lumens Max running time
Standard 20 6 hours 20 mins
High 50 2 hours 45 mins
Overdrive 100 1 hour 40 mins
50% flashing 5 hours 10 mins
100% flashing 3 hours
Strobe 2 hours 50 mins

Code: G0346

Mudguard Pack

The Aerobike lets you explore more, so do it cleanly with these easy to fit SKS mudguards. Made from highly durable, weatherproof materials, they’re perfect for fending off mud splashes, water from puddles and everyday bits you’d find on the pavement.

Supplied as a pair to be placed on the front and back of the Aerobike, with all fittings included as standard.

Code: D9986

Spare Aerobike Battery

Explore even further, and always have a battery ready to go. If you want to make really long trips, or won’t have time to charge the battery you’ve used properly, then this is an ideal extra.

And of course, sometimes the worse does happen. We’re confident that the battery can put up with the rigours of the real world, but sometimes disaster can strike. So if it does, a replacement battery will have you back up and running. So you can explore again.

Code: G0288


Aerobike Brake Levers

One set of Shimano Tektro Linear Pull brakes, designed to be used on the X-Ride and X-Ride ST.

Code: G0447

Aerobike Handlebar Grips

Perfect for refreshing your eBike, or replacing damaged grips.

Code: G0449

Aerobike Pedals

To be used on either the X-Ride or X-Ride ST, these are just the thing to keep you pedalling many, many miles.

Code: G0450

Aerobike Tyres

Supplied as a single tyre. The X-Ride and X-Ride ST come with highly durable hybrid tyres. But over time the tread will degrade, which is why we suggest new tyres from time to time. So you explore safely, and not have to worry.

Code: G0453

Saddle: X-Ride

When you’ve done all those miles, you might want to give your bike a bit of love. A new saddle is a great way to do just that, complete with the vibrant green of the Aerobike brand.

Code: G0451

Saddle: X-Ride ST

Even your favourite chair will become uncomfortable over time. So stay comfy when cycling and refresh your seat with the signature look of an Aerobike saddle for the X-Ride ST.

Code: G0452

The Aerobike lithium ion battery weighs just 1.3kg. making it suitable to be carried on your journey, enabling you to swap batteries and ride even further. There are myriad varying factors that can impact on the quoted range of "up to 30 miles". These factors include, but are not limited to: the terrain, weather and gradient you travel on; the tyre pressure, condition of the chain and the seating position of the rider; the fitness, weight, height and strength of the rider; the number of stops/starts, the intensity of pedalling, the condition of the battery and the proper maintenance of the bike as a whole. If the rider is of a UK average weight and height, travelling on well maintained roads with no severe up or down sections, then a range of at least 20 miles can be achieved from a single charge, by a rider of most fitnesses. As the fitness of the rider increases, a 30 miles range will become more and more attainable, though the aforementioned still applies. Therefore, if a rider undertakes a journey on roads that are steep, or in adverse weather such as high winds, the range may be reduced.


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