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Seed Mixes

If you want to entice many a feathered friend into your garden, then seed mixes are the ideal place to start. These seed mixes offer a varied diet to the garden birds to suit many a bird feeder, making sure that there’ll be no end to the feathered visitors making a regular appearance. Or if it’s the wonderful goldfinch you want to attract into your garden, take a look at Happy Beaks’ niger seed.

All Seasons Mix


From £4.95 or £0.70/kg

No Husk No Grow No Waste Wild Bird Seed Mix


From £7.95 or £1.06/kg

Robin & Songbird Wild Bird No Mess Seed Mix


From £7.95 or £0.98/kg

Wild Bird No Wheat Seed Mix


From £7.95 or £0.94/kg

Ground & Table Premium Seed Mix


From £9.99 or £1.45/kg

The Peanut & Sunflower Combo Bundle


£32.95 or £1.29/kg

Premium Blue Tit Specialist Mix


From £9.99 or £1.37/kg

Premium Goldfinch Mix


From £10.99 or £1.57/kg

No Mess Easy Feed Bundle


From £45.95 or £0.91/kg

Premium Spring & Summer Mix


£36.99 or £1.45/kg

Platinum Feed Bundle


From £55.95 or £0.93/kg

The Essential Feed Triple Bundle


£45.95 or £1.18/kg

High Energy High Fat Bundle


From £40.95 or £0.97/kg

All Seasons Bundle


From £41.95 or £0.93/kg

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