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Garden Life Ladybird House
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Garden Life Ladybird House



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  • Protective - Provides a shelter from pest-predators
  • Overhanging roof - Provides more space for insects to shelter underneath
  • Beneficial - Ladybirds provide natural protection to your garden
  • Easy to install - Quick and simple to get set up and ready for ladybirds
  • Guarantee - 12-month guarantee

Garden Life Ladybird House

Provide a safe and sheltered place for ladybirds to rest with this ladybird house from Garden Life. It will keep them safe from pest-predators such as bats and butterflies. Ladybirds are important to gardens as they eat greenfly, helping to protect flower beds and vegetable crops.


The house is designed with a central, hollow chamber which naturally provides insulation and protection. The holes for ladybirds to get in via are drilled upwards to prevent rain water gathering. The slanted roof not only stops rain water collecting but also provides shelter for other insects to hang underneath.

Ladybirds typically flock to flowers such as Geraniums, Marigolds and Lavender, as well as herb gardens; so placing your ladybird house near these areas of your garden will ensure ladybirds are nearby to inhabit your house; alternatively they like small shrubs and grass.

Dimensions: L12.5 x W10 x H28cm
Weight: 0.8kg

G2742 - Garden Life Ladybird House


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