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Garden Gear Eco-Friendly Flexi-Edge Border
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Garden Gear Eco-Friendly Flexi-Edge Border

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Flexi-Edge Borders are available in packs of 2 x 1 metre lengths (twin pack) and packs of 6 x 1 metre lengths (six pack)

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  • Versatile; Offers great flexibility which allows you to bend and shape around the natural curves of your garden and is available in four different colours, can bend up to 70 degrees
  • Easy to install; Includes installation spikes and connectors for easy installation
  • Environmentally friendly; Made from recycled rubber
  • Lawnmower friendly; Sits flush with your lawn when installed
  • Extremely durable; They won’t crack or break as they’re made from recycled rubber

Garden Gear Eco-Friendly Flexi-Edge Border

Update your flowerbeds and patches with this innovative one pack of flexi-border edging. They will bend to the natural curvature of your garden and flowerbeds, while doing still doing its bit for the environment and without difficult and time-consuming installation. Each twin pack consists of 2 x 100cm lengths


The flexi-border is designed to bend to your garden’s shape and to suit the curves of your flowerbeds and areas that need bordering. The border will bend up to 70 degrees, meaning it has great flexibility to suit your garden. It can easily be cut with a saw to your desired size. It also comes with installation stakes which go through the border to secure it. With a choice of either black, brown, grey or red, it’s sure to add attractive yet functional style to your garden.

Environmentally Friendly

These innovative garden borders are created using recycled rubber destined for landfill. This not only makes it hardwearing and durable, but also helps to reduce your carbon footprint. They are suitable for all weather conditions and won’t crack or break.

Any multiple of 2 metres can be ordered but when ordering 6 metres or more please use the six pack option as the primary multiplier and top-up with the twin packs.

For Example: If 22 metres is needed then select 3 x 6 metres and 2 x 2 metres.

Dimensions: L100 x W7.5 x H8cm
Material: Recycled rubber

G3392 - Black 2 Pack
G3393 - Brown 2 Pack
G3394 - Grey 2 Pack
G3395 - Red 2 Pack

G4076 - Black 6 Pack
G4077 - Brown 6 Pack
G4078 - Grey 6 Pack
G4079 - Red 6 Pack


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