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About RSS

What is an RSS Feed?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication". RSS is a web format that allows us to publish our products and special offers to you via an RSS reader. You can use RSS to view all kinds of other information aswell such as news or sport headlines.

How to benefit from our RSS Feeds?

Subscribe to our feeds and be able to view our new products and offers quickly and easily and before anybody else. After you subscribe you can periodically refresh your feeds using your RSS reader and the updated file will be downloaded to your computer without the need for you to even visit our website. If anything takes your fancy, simply click on the link and that will take you through to our site to see the product in more detail.

Where can I get an RSS reader from?

You can use a web based online RSS reader such as Google or Yahoo or you can download a desktop version onto your computer.

Web Based RSS Readers

Please use any of the following links to begin using our feeds on your choice of web-based Reader:

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