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Clifford James has a range of laundry products to make the whole thing less time-consuming. From an air dryer to speed up the drying process, to our quiet dehumidifier options to remove dampness from the air, we have a selection of products to make laundry easier.

Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs

Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs

Was £14.99now only

Unlike traditional wooden or plastic alternatives, these robust stainless steel clothes pegs won’t mark your clothes, snap or rot!

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Save £5

3 reviews

Aqua Dri Compact Dehumidifier Sale

Aqua Dri Compact Dehumidifier

Was £49.99now only

The Compact Dehumidifier removes damp air and releases dry air! No more damp clothes, musty smells and the damaging effects of mould or mildew.

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Buy 2 For £69.99

20 reviews

Aqua Dri Midi Dehumidifier

Aqua Dri Midi Dehumidifier

Was £69.99now only

Just place the Midi Dehumidifier in any room affected by damp – such as kitchens, bedrooms, near windows and in caravans – plug in and that's it.

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Buy 2 for £89.99

104 reviews

Maxi Dry Fold Away Electric Airer Sale

Maxi Dry Fold Away Electric Airer

Was £49.99now only

Heated Clothes Airer not only makes drying clothes easy, but can also be used as a towel warmer.

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Save £20

17 reviews

Maxi Dry Electric Air Dryer Sale

Maxi Dry Electric Air Dryer

Was £99.99now only

Providing an energy efficient alternative to a traditional tumble dryer, this Electric Air Dryer allows you to enjoy ‘line dried’ freshness even when it’s raining.

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Save £40

26 reviews

Maxi Dry Three Tier Electric Clothes Airer

Maxi Dry Three Tier Electric Clothes Airer

Was £129.99now only

This compact heated clothes airer is an essential addition to any home.

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Save £30

1 reviews

Dual Retractable Clothes Line

Dual Retractable Clothes Line

Was £19.99now only

Offering an impressive 26 metres of drying space, this easy-to-install retractable clothes line is ideal for hanging out your clothes to dry naturally in the garden.

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Save £7

no reviews

Easy Steam Steam Press New Product

Easy Steam Steam Press

Was £249.99now only

Press and steam your clothes effortlessly with this electric Easy Steam steam press. It gives you professional results in a matter of minutes.

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Save £100

no reviews

The multifunctional steam cleaner is great for disinfecting anything, and works very well on laundry. Our range of compact, slim line and cordless de-humidifiers helps to stop the risk of asthma when drying laundry inside, keeping you fit and well. For more health improving options look at our Dust Mite Controller. And if you need further cleaning products then take a look at our handy Bed Vacuum.

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