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Pest Control

Keeping your home and garden free of nasty pests needn’t be a problem. Doubling up as unique garden ornaments, our collection of excellent value Cat Scarers keep away unwanted felines. So if you’ve decided to use one of our Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders, you needn’t worry about additional wildlife taking the food you’ve offered for birds.

Solar Powered Pest Repeller

Solar Powered Pest Repeller

Was £59.99now only

Solar Powered Pest Repeller will help stop dogs, cats, birds and other troublesome animals from entering your garden

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Save £30

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Cat Scarers Sale

Cat Scarers

Was £24.99now only

If you’re pestered by cats, damaging your flowerbeds, or bothering your fish, these Cat Scarers will keep them away.

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Save £15

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Solar-Powered Animal Repeller New Product

Solar-Powered Animal Repeller

Was £34.99now only

Keep cats, dogs, rodents and other unwanted pests away from your garden with this easy-to-install ultrasonic pest repeller.

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Save £18

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Scarecrow Twin Pack Sale

Scarecrow Twin Pack

Was £49.99now only

The Scarecrow Twin Pack is a perfect way to keep unwanted pests from your garden or vegetable plot.

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Save £32

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Keep your lawn free of rodents, cats and unwanted birds with our range of goods designed with pest control in mind. Clifford James offers these goods at incredible value, such as the Solar Powered Pest Repeller which works with a non harmful, inaudible ultra-sonic sound and a visual flash of light. Working with 3 x AA rechargeable batteries (supplied) it can work from 9 metres away. Enjoy your garden chatting on your table and chairs without pesky intruders and water your pest free plants with our clever automatic watering ideas.

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